Cheryl Chastain

A look in the rear view…

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A Winding Road


My first three and a half decades were defined by movement. During that time, I lived in Oregon, Alaska, Tennessee, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Florida. I explored England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. And the movement didn’t end with actual travel. Though I have a B.A. in English Education, my career path went through phases of teaching, writing, editing, curriculum development, and content marketing. While this kind of winding route is not for everyone, it has allowed me to see life as an adventure, with exciting twists and turns. Because of the phenomenal sightseeing I have done along the way, I have many treasures of understanding and experience—of knowing—to bring to my work now.


Below is a quick list of landmarks that have influenced me on my trek:


Classical Education

Great Books Tutorials (Tour Chaperone)

St. John’s College (Graduate Studies)



Hunting Learning Center (Tutor)

Sylvan Learning (Tutor, Student Plan Manager, Assessments)



Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (Summer Program Instructor and Long-Term Substitute)

Maranatha Christian Academy & Maranatha College (High School English Teacher, Advanced Prep Instructor, National Honor Society Adviser, Yearbook/Journalism Instructor, Newsletter Editor, and Adjunct Professor)



Orange/The reThink Group (Volunteer teacher & trainer)

Smart Horizons Career Online High School (Curriculum writer)

The Trinity Forum Classics Curriculum (Teacher)


Marketing & Public Relations

PR Newswire (Press Release Editor)

Smart Horizons, entire family of brands and several partner brands (Director, Marketing Coordination)




 May 12th, 2016